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The Hello Friends!
We hope this email finds you well as summer nears and we grow closer to gathering in Portland, Oregon. Please take a look at the schedule for the conference as well as some readings and suggestions from our speakers if you would like to get ahead of the game.

The following are requests from the conference planning team to enhance our time together:

  1. Please bring a rock or stone from home. This rock or stone will be part of our opening and closing worship as we talk about what place means to us in our contexts. These rocks and stones will serve as reminders of our place back home as we gather together in Portland.
  2. Please bring a Children’s book(s) for offering at Opening worship. These books will be donated to St. James Lutheran Child Development Center in Portland, Oregon. This is one way that we can impact the Portland area during our time together.
  3. Please bring spending money for transit, 1 dinner on your own, free-time activities, and cash bars. 

In a couple weeks you will receive another email with reminders, instructions to download the Guidebook for the conference, and Transit information from PDX to University Place Hotel & Conference Center.

In the meantime, if you have general questions please email and if you have questions regarding registration or housing please email

We can’t wait to see you in Portland!
— 2018 LuMin Conference Planning Team

2018 LuMin Conference Schedule

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