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Dear Campus Ministry Colleagues,

As most of you know, the ELCA has initiated a new grant application system for all groups that receive annual grants directly from the churchwide organization.

Any campus ministry agency that receives an annual campus ministry grant directly from the churchwide organization will need to apply for their 2019 annual grant according to the instructions in document linked below. The 2019 grant amount will be the same as the grant amount received in 2018.

In some cases the annual grants from the churchwide organization go directly to the synods or state agencies rather than the local campus ministry sites. In those cases, the local campus ministry sites will not be required to complete the online application. A person in Chicago will complete this application for the synods and state agencies.

It is important to note that this is not a competitive grant application process, but simply a grant request system to help track where all churchwide grants are distributed.

If you have any questions about this grant application process, please contact Don Romsa at:

Campus Ministry Grantee Instructions 

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