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LuMin Network’s presence at the ELCA Youth Gathering

The LCM Builds Team is busy working on our Lutheran Campus Ministry Network presence at the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston this summer and we are very excited to get you involved in this project!

Pieces are coming together:

  • Youth groups all over the country have signed up for the Gathering.
  • Students from Campus Ministries just like yours are submitting applications to serve as team leaders.
  • We are getting ready to place the orders for lumber and nails for the wall sections.

We need your help to raise the money to pay for supplies. The lumber will cost about $3.50 per 2×4.  A 50 lb box of nails will cost about $48.  While there are some grant funds helping to make this project possible, we need to raise close to $20,000 to cover lumber, nails, and transportation of the finished wall sections.  We would like to get as many campus ministry sites and supporters involved as possible!

There are plenty of options for helping to raise money for this project!

  • Gather a special offering in your student community
  • Reach out to congregations in your area who are sending youth to the Gathering
  • Invite friends of campus ministry who would be excited about Youth and Young adults working together
  • Apply for grants from congregational foundations or endowments
  • Ask donors who have a heart for housing issues
  • Designate some funds from your agency benevolence budget
  • Invite alumni to raise enough for a wall or two
  • Invite former LCM staff to help support this project

Below are links to some invitation letters and other resources we have used in the past. Feel free to edit them for your own context, or use them as a starting point to write your own.

friend letter for LuMin Builds 2018

Ask Letter Sample (congregations) LCM Builds Houston 2018

Synod Newsletter Blurb November 2017

We are so pleased that this is a project campus ministry is able to share with the Youth Gathering, with our own students, and with the people of Houston.  We want you to be a part of putting those walls together!

Remember, every gift helps – whether it’s two 2x4s or 200!

If you have questions or need another resource, contact:
Chris Heavner, Overall Coordinator
Greg Schaefer, UniLu at Stanford, Team member from Region 2
Shawn Norris, LCM at Lawrence KS, Team member from Region 4
Alicia Anderson, LCM at Penn State, Team member from Region 8

Thanks for joining in this ministry together!


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