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LuMin is the Lutheran Campus Ministry Network. As part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), LuMin celebrates our partnerships with other traditions and welcomes people from a variety of faith backgrounds. There are currently more than 240 faith communities connected with LuMin.

Student ConnectionsNetwork Connections

The mission of LuMin is to inspire, connect, and equip campus ministry practitioners to transform the world through God’s abundant grace.

Building Community

Life-giving relationships are at the heart of everything we do as we welcome, affirm, and accept all students in Christ’s name. We appreciate, respect, and honor the gifts inherent in each student as we work to create opportunities for connection and belonging.

Deepening Faith

As students encounter new ideas and doubts during the college years, we accompany students as their faith evolves. Through our dozens of ministries around the country, we provide safe places for students to grow and become rooted in the rich Christian faith tradition.

Expanding Minds

We help students grow in their understanding of God as they engage with each other with intention and honesty. Together, we intersect our faith with our lives and academia to cover issues not only from a historical, critical, and economic lens, but also a faith lens.

Inspiring Service

Our faith calls us to lives of diakonia -to go to the broken places in the world. There we find God and are invited to serve others as Christ served. We do this all as we strive to cultivate in one another the desire to share blessings with others through our service.

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As we engage with campus leaders and students around the country, we’re looking to expand our network! Would you consider joining us?

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