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Dear Colleagues,

For a while now, us folks doing the work of Campus Ministry in the ELCA have been on the outside looking in. Now it’s time for LuMin, your Lutheran Campus Ministry Network, to be in the room where it happens!

What does this mean?
It means coming together to move toward hiring a full-time Program Director for Campus Ministry who would reside in Chicago and have their homebase at the ELCA Churchwide offices. Even more, it means embracing our bold vision for a future where campus ministry is fully integrated into the work of our whole church in a mutually supportive and empowering way.

How do we make it happen?
We need to build up resources to cover half of the salary for our Program Director of Campus Ministry. The current position, held by Don Romsa, is half-time, which the ELCA is committed to continuing to fund at this level. So, it is up to us to fund the other half (roughly $50,000 to cover salary and benefits).
In conversation with Mark Burkhardt, our administrative connection to the ELCA’s Domestic Mission unit, the LuMin Board is working on a sustainable funding model to provide the other half of a full-time Campus Ministry Program Director position. We are looking to three major sources for these funds:

  • Campus Ministry General Distribution Account
  • Youth and Young Adult Fund
  • LuMin membership support (most importantly for you).

With these resources combined, we will not only be able to fund half of the Program Director position, but we will be able to begin building a reserve account with enough money to fund this position for at least three years.

What does this mean for Don?
Don Romsa has been involved in these conversations from the very beginning. In fact, he was the one who initially urged the LuMin Board us to seriously consider this direction, based on his experience in this role on a part-time basis.

What is our timeline?
Our goal is to hire a full-time staff person within the next two or three years. Considering the progress we have made building our LuMin Network through the changing landscape of the ELCA in a short amount of time, it is a natural next step to combine our resources and ensure our presence as a vital arm of the ELCA Churchwide structure.  We are confident we can accomplish this goal within this timeline.

What will dues be?
Dues will be $250 per each campus ministry practitioner and $125 per part-time campus ministry practitioner.  If these amounts are too small for your site, feel free to contribute more.  If these amounts are prohibitive for anyone, we are open to conversation about what amount would be possible for you and your site.

What are the advantages of membership?

  1. LuMin Members will help to provide a full-time Program Director, translating our work and campus ministry’s importance for the life of the church to the whole ELCA.
  2. LuMin Members will receive Discounted registration to our yearly staff conference.
  3. LuMin members will be eligible for professional development and continuing education scholarships for opportunities such as the Association of Lutheran Development Executives (ALDE) conference.

Next steps?
As you are in the process of setting your budget for the coming year, please include membership dues in that budget. Our hope and expectationis that everyone will participate, because when we come together and share resources, the LuMin Network will continue to become a recognized and indispensable arm within the ELCA’s church structure.

It’s time to take our place in the room where it happens!

Yours in Christ,
The LuMin Board, 2017 – 2018
Kari Jo Verhulst, President and Region 7 Representative
Alicia Anderson, Recorder and Region 8 Representative
Ben Adams, Treasurer and Region 5 Representative
John Lund, Region 1 Representative
Greg Schaefer, Region 2 Representative
Rachel Nelson, Region 3 Representative
Jamie Bouzard, Region 4 Representative
Robert Abner, Region 6 Representative
Jennifer Manis, Region 9 Representative

Lumin Staff

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