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Are you looking for prayer/devotional resources that actually relate to student life?  So was our colleague Matthew Marohl. The summer after his second year as campus pastor at St Olaf College, Matt sat down and wrote a devotion book for students.  Entitled Faith in Motion, it included 50 prayers and 20 devotions that focused on everything from roommate problems and exam anxieties to the excitement of going home for a visit.  He wanted to produce a devotion book that “got to the heart of what college life is really like.”  Now in its fourth issue, and written as collaboratively by Matt and his colleague Katie Fick, Forward in Faith is available on the St Olaf campus this fall, and online as well. Here’s an example:

When Homework is Difficult

I really like what I am learning, God,
but this homework is so hard.
I thought that if I studied something I loved it would be easy,
but it takes much more effort than I realized.
Sometimes I think it means this isn’t what I am meant to do.
Other times I am determined to work hard and
keep pursuing my goals.

When I get frustrated, O God, be with me.
Encourage me to take a break and refocus.
Give me the determination to finish my work,
strengthen me in my vocation as a student and
help me discern which work I truly love to do.

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