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Minot State University, Minot, Minnesota
– By Paige Dolan, Vocational Intern and final year student

When you hear the words Tuesday Soup you might have an idea of what that could be in your head. But for students at Minot State they might have a different idea then what you thought of. Lutheran Campus Ministry has had the pleasure of serving over two hundred students, faculty, and staff every week this past semester. It’s not only the free soup, bars, and drinks that attract all of the people every Tuesday. I believe that it is the volunteers from the local churches and the community that it provides for people searching for something more that really brings everyone together.

I have been going to Tuesday soup for four years now and it has been a great blessing for me as a college student. I know that every Tuesday from 11-1:00 there is a free meal with wonderful people to enjoy it with. It is one of the very things that got me involved with LCM in the first place and in doing that it has changed my life forever. Many other people have been impacted by having this on campus and here is what they have to say.
“As the parents of two little boys, a quiet meal together is rare. So, Tuesday soup becomes a little retreat or noon date for us where we can be together and with the larger MSU community.”

-Ryan Stander; Art professor at MSU

“Soup Tuesday is arguably the best day of the week for students like Nick and I who needed food, wanted community, and had an hour gap between classes. The volunteers from the local ELCA churches around Minot and the surrounding areas are always so kind and willing to serve. It is a blessing to the students and great to be able to come together for a short time over a bowl of soup.”
–Rhayna Scheffler; graduated senior: Music education major

“It all started at my freshman year, when I heard that there was some free soup at the student center. It used to be at a smaller area by the international office, and I went to check it out. I was impressed with the quality and variety of food provided, and how nice the people were. After having a great first experience, I came back every single week, and Tuesday Soup became part of my schedule. It did not matter how my day was going, I would always leave there happy and with a positive attitude. I made great relationships throughout the past 4 years, and being so far away from home (Brazil) it meant the world to me to have a ’family’ around to feed me and spend some time with. This year my parents came to visit and I had to make sure they would also experience the famous Tuesday Soup.  They are very grateful for how kind LCM has been to me the past 4 years. I am very grateful for LCM and everyone involved, it is clear for me that what makes Tuesday Soup so special was not only the delicious tastes, but the incredible people I was around. I am now graduating from Minot State University, but will never forget all amazing Tuesdays I used to have.”
–Luis Ricci Maia; graduated senior: Major in Finance

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